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We take a bold new approach to entrepreneurship.

“We’re doing for startup, what Henry Ford did for the automobile.”Christopher Mohritz
Founder at Neferology Forge

The mass production mindset.

In recent decades, we’ve learned a great deal about the art and science of startup. Consequently, startup is becoming less of an art and more of a repeatable science. Which makes it ripe for large-scale production.

Through the principles of mass production, Henry Ford taught us that we could increase quantity without sacrificing quality. At Neferology Forge, we’re applying those proven principles to startup.

Do more. With less.

Business in the 21st century is defined by finding new and creative ways to produce more through less effort.

Exponential leadership.

We exercise exponential leadership, implementing a frictionless autonomous power structure vested in a Constitution.

Exponential methodologies.

We use exponential procedures, operating under systematized policies and guides that build on each other and maximize effectiveness.

Exponential technologies.

We build on exponential technologies, leveraging artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud, and other accelerating platforms.

Technology as a force for good.

Technology powers our world. It has redefined the way we communicate, shop, work, learn, stay healthy — nearly every aspect of modern life has been impacted by technology. Join our newsletter to learn more about how technology can make your life healthier, happier and more fulfilling — today and into the future.

Rise of the win3 business.

For each business we create, we define success using a triple bottom line — three criteria we use to not only gauge overall quality of the business, but each individual product and decision as well.

Good for your customer.

First and foremost, we believe businesses exist to serve their customers — everything we do starts with a desire to benefit our customers.

Good for the environment.

Creating a positive impact on humanity at-large and the environment — choosing suppliers and partners with high ethical standards and are environmentally-responsible.

Good for the business.

Growing your company so it can serve more people — making decisions that create value for all stakeholders: employees, partners, shareholders, etc.

Our companies.

Here are a few of our current projects…

Semerkhet logo


Strategic business research and intelligence.
Audience Alchemy logo

Audience Alchemy

Brand experience wizards.
10x Effect logo

10x Effect

Strategy consulting rooted in exponential thinking.
Oratr logo


Conversation as a service.
SparkStack logo


Social media automation that drives engagement.
Mighty Bit logo

Mighty Bit

Software development rooted in A.I.
Blue Meteor logo

Blue Meteor

Central command for your internet presence.
Copy Engine logo

Copy Engine

Content generation for the exponential age.
Rinzler logo


Creating the perfect system.
10x Nation logo

10x Nation

Education and inspiration for exponential entrepreneurs.
ProsperBot logo


Your personal success advisor.
FoxEffect Studios logo

FoxEffect Studios

Next generation gaming worlds.